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MEI is a non-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to helping people with chronic disease learn to manage and improve their health. Companies can work with MEI to interact with our audiences and connect their brands to our award-winning patient educational resources.

Life Options

Engage more than 1.5 Million people with pre-dialysis CKD. People who visit Life Options are motivated to slow their CKD, live healthy, and learn about treatment options.

Partnering with Life Options
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Home Dialysis Central

Reach patients, care-partners, and professionals. Home Dialysis Central visitors get the latest information about all home options, they read stories from patients like them, and use helpful tools like our clinic-finder and UFR calculator.

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Kidney School

Support self-management with our free online curriculum for people with CKD. Sixteen easy-to-read modules are in English and Spanish. Web, print, audio learning and CE credits are available.

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